Church History

According to the county court records, Second Baptist Church which was actually the first Baptist Church in Springfield, TN was organized the third of October, 1922. The church was bought from M. J.Holland and wife for the sum of $75.00. In 1930, the church was destroyed by fire and all records were destroyed.

On March 9, 1940, Deacon Pearce Porter and Deacon John Shook with a handful of former members once again reorganized Second Baptist Church. They began to hold meetings and prayer services in the home of Rev. and Mrs. William Joseph Lewis on Leota Street. When the Little Fork and Mt. Zion District Association convened in August, 1940, the church told the Association what the predicament of the church was and Second Baptist Church was granted permission to call the “Old Folks Home” the meeting place which was located at twentieth and Richard Street. Several ministers were considered to lead the flock, but by unanimous consent, Reverend P. J. Rayburn was the new minister and Reverend Sam Gardner assisting. During this time the “Willing Workers Club” was organized and their task was to work toward erecting a new place to worship which was not only a dream but a necessity.

In 1943, a church was built and christened South Baptist Church. Reverend Rayburn continued to serve as Pastor until his resignation in October 1955 due to ill health.On the third Sunday in December, 1955,Reverend William D. Crowder became the new leader as he pastored South Baptist Church. In 1957, new facilities were added to the church.In 1962, a new church facility was built across the street from South Baptist Church and the new facility was christened Greater South Baptist Church. Reverend Crowder continued to serve until February 26, 1991 when The Lord called him to his heavenly home.

On the second Sunday in August, 1991,Reverend Samuel Stratton became the new pastor of Greater South Baptist Church. After God's abundant blessings to the growth of the congregation in March 2008, a new sanctuary and additional facilities was erected, and Reverend Stratton is currently serving as Pastor.